Why the Need for Child & Parental Rights Campaign?

Child & Parental Rights Campaign, Inc. was founded to respond to a radical new ideology overtaking families and threatening the well-being of children and the fundamental right of parents to direct the care, education, and upbringing of their children. Children are being led to believe a powerful untruth about their bodies – that they could be “born in the wrong body”.

This ideology seeks to replace biological reality with an artificial social construct known as “gender identity” that is promoting unscientific, untested, and life-altering procedures for children. As a result, irreversible chemical and surgical interventions are being performed on children for purely psychological reasons.

There are no long-term studies that validate these treatments as safe and effective for children. On the contrary, these treatments pose serious and irreversible consequences to children’s health – including interruption of healthy physical development, life-long sexual dysfunction, sterilization, and removal of healthy body parts.

Activists are threatening parents to consent to these treatments or their children will commit suicide. School officials are increasingly undermining parental rights by assuming the right to promote gender ideology and affirm children in a false identity, including without the knowledge or approval of the parents. And public libraries are hosting drag queens (through “drag queen story hour”) to promote this agenda to young children.

Child & Parental Rights Campaign’s Mission – To Defend Children and Parents

Child & Parental Rights Campaign (CPR-C) is a non-partisan, non-profit public interest law firm whose mission is to defend the well-being of children and the rights of parents against the harms caused by gender identity ideology. At its core, it is a campaign, waged in the legal system, the legislative arena, and the local community, that seeks to protect the following basic rights of children and parents:

Children have the right to:

  • Be taught the truth about science and human biology
  • Know their body is not their enemy and their biological sex is not a disease
  • Experience natural and healthy growth and development in harmony with their body
  • Be protected from the loss of healthy body parts they were born with
  • Preserve their capacity to create children of their own and some day pass on their family, racial, and genetic heritage to the next generation
  • Be protected from harmful, untested, unproven, or experimental treatments
  • Explore and understand the true causes of their disturbed feelings about their body
  • Know that feelings can, and most often do, change – but physical reality does not
  • Receive effective therapies that will discover, and provide lasting relief for, the true causes of their distressed feelings and body hatred
  • Avoid unnecessarily becoming life-long medical patients, unjustly enriching medical providers at the expense of their physical and mental integrity
  • Compete fairly to win in the field of sports
  • Have natural guardians empowered to protect them and to provide, on their behalf, truly informed consent to proven and effective medical care
  • Truthful academic research and medical information untainted by ideology or confirmation bias

Parents have the right to:

  • Direct the education, upbringing, and medical care of their children
  • Teach their children regarding ultimate issues of sexuality and identity
  • Provide truly informed consent for their children’s medical care
  • Protect their children from harmful, unnecessary, unsettled, untested, unproven, or experimental treatments
  • Seek out and provide effective care that will explore, and provide lasting relief to, the underlying causes of their child’s mental distress with their sex

The Child & Parental Rights Campaign is About a Set of Beliefs

•Children are harmed when they are falsely led to believe:

  • they were born the “wrong” biological sex,
  • they can ever “change sexes,” or
  • Interrupting their development, sterilization, or losing body parts are healthy solutions to distressed feelings about their sex.

• The responsible approach to a child’s distress over their sex is to explore the underlying causes of their body-hatred and provide relief to the source of the disconnect between the child’s mind and body.
• Women and girls stand to suffer the most from the false interchangeability of males and females.
• Children are not the “mere creatures of the state”. They are created by, and entrusted to, parents who have the inherent responsibility, and the corresponding right, above all others, to guide and to guard their children.
• Schools and state officials act wrongly, and perhaps illegally, when they interfere with the parent-child relationship in the name of affirming children’s disturbed feelings about their sex.
  • You can be a voice of truth and help win the battle in the campaign for Child & Parental Rights.
    Vernadette Broyles, Esq.
    President and General Counsel