Restoring parents’ voices in their local public schools

CPR-C helps restore parents’ voices in local schools by providing legal information and document resources with which parents can effectively communicate their directions regarding their children.

Opting out of objectionable instruction:

CPR-C can provide sample letters for parents to inform schools they are opting their children out of sexually explicit or scientifically unsound materials promoting gender identity ideology. Contact us to request a sample Parental Opt Out letter.

Access to Records

CPR-C can provide information regarding parents’ right to access their children’s educational records under the federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) that parents can use to secure access to these records. Contact us to request a sample FERPA Request letter

Notice of Non-Consent

CPR-C has prepared sample notices for parents to inform schools that they are withholding consent for their child to participate in activities, counseling, or interventions that promote social transitioning or affirmation of a gender other than their child’s sex. Contact us to request a sample Parental Notice of Non-Consent letter


Empowering parents to defend their children before local School Boards

CPR-C empowers parents to advocate for the best interests of their children at their local Boards of Education with information and resources. This may include assistance with:

Participation in School Board meetings.

We assist parents in educating decisionmakers about the negative consequences of transgender ideology and help develop sensible policies that protect all children, including students struggling with gender confusion.

Obtaining Public Records.

We help parents obtain public records regarding materials promoting transgender ideology and school policies concerning access to single-sex privacy facilities to ensure total transparency, notice to, and input from, parents.

Mobilizing the Community.

We assist parents with tools and strategies to help activate other parents and leaders in their community to advocate for parents’ rights and for protection of children’s well-being.


Advocate for Parental Rights and Children’s Well-being with State Legislatures and Agencies.

CPR-C is working to enact policies that would strengthen parental rights and protect children from harms caused by transgender ideology and medical interventions, including laws and policies that would:

Ensure a scientific approach to gender.

Define “sex” as meaning tangible biological sex for all purposes, and not the amorphous concept of “gender identity”, in public schools and sports programs.

Shield parents who refuse to "affirm" non-biological gender identity.

Make it unlawful for a parent to lose custody of a child for refusing to affirm an identity inconsistent with their child’s biological sex or to administer “gender affirmation” treatments that would interfere with their child’s normal development or result in their child’s sterilization or loss of healthy body parts.

Advocate for parents seeking professional counseling.

Protect the right of parents to seek professional counseling for their child to explore and address the root causes of their child’s distress about their sex.

Protect Vulnerable Children from Harmful Medical Interventions.

CPR-C has worked with legislators in a number of states on bills that would protect children from harmful experimental medical and surgical interventions known as “gender affirming treatments”, or better termed Gender Conversion Treatments.

In Georgia, the Vulnerable Child Protection Act (VCPA), H.B. 1060, which would make it illegal to administer harmful medical and surgical interventions to make a child appear the opposite sex.

These include:

• Puberty-blocking drugs and mega doses of Cross-sex hormones that stop normal development and cause sterilization (and many other health risks)

• Mutilating surgeries that remove healthy breasts and sex organs, resulting in permanent sterility and life-long sexual dysfunction.

Similar bills have been introduced across the country. Those who want to join CPR-C in protecting vulnerable children from these harmful interventions are encouraged to contact their state legislator and urge that he or she support such bills if already introduced or introduce similar bills in the legislature.


Advocate for Parental Rights and Children’s Well-being with Congress and Federal Agencies.

CPR-C is working to enact policies and laws that would strengthen parental rights and protect children from harms caused by transgender ideology and medical interventions.