The Harms Posed by Gender Ideology to Children’s Well-being

“Gender identity” is a psychological phenomenon. It is not found anywhere in the body, the brain, or in the DNA. And there is no objective medical scan or test that can detect or validate it.

The hormone treatments and surgical interventions being used on children to treat the distress they feel with their body are experimental. There is not a single long-term controlled study that shows these medical interventions are safe and effective. The long-term consequences of these experimental procedures have not been studied. And these treatments are known to have serious harmful side effects.

1Puberty blocking hormones
known to cause arrested bone growth, decrease in bone density with future risk of osteoporosis and bone fractures, joint problems, and interrupted development of the adolescent brain. Puberty-blockers are being given around age 11, and as young as age 8.
2Cross-sex Hormones
create increased risk for blood clots, cardiovascular disease, stroke, weight gain, elevated blood pressure, elevated blood lipids, diabetes, bone density loss, gall stones, unknown effects on breast, endometrial and ovarian tissues, development or worsening of psychiatric problems, and cancer.
3Permanent Sterilization
Children who receive puberty-blocking hormones followed by cross-sex hormones are permanently sterilized. Cross-sex hormones are being given as early as age 14, and even younger.
Double mastectomies of healthy breasts are being performed on girls as young as age 13 and 14.
Surgeries that castrate boys and remove healthy reproductive organs in girls are being done on minors, making children permanently sterile and causing life-long sexual dysfunction.
Studies have shown that 69 to 98 percent of children will resolve conflicts between their feelings and their bodies by adulthood if not subjected to “gender affirmation treatments”.
However, in at least one study, nearly 100 percent of children started on puberty-blockers go on to more invasive procedures, leading to loss of healthy body parts and sterilization.
It is therefore no surprise that a rising number of youth are beginning to express painful regret for these interventions and their irreversible effects on their health, appearance, fertility, and sexual function. The goal of Child & Parental Rights Campaign is to restore and defend the rights of parents to protect their children from going down this harmful path and to secure their identity, physical integrity, and future well-being.